Sun, Fun and Lots of Dancing!

Spending one month in Gran Canaria set the start of discovering the Canarian Swing Dance scene. Let´s get to know the people from Las Palmas first!

As we already know from this post, the Spanish are very musical. Well, so are the Canarians: They love music and dancing. Despite of being so remote, Lindy Hop has arrived to Gran Canaria a few years ago already. 

It is present in the city of Las Palmas through the club “Mojo Swing” (Mojo is a Canarian dish) and offers a offers weekly Lindy Hop classes and a weekly social dance. The social dance is located in different places across the city of Las Palmas so participating brings a nice side effect of discovering the city.

The Canarians are very inventive when it comes to finding places for dancing which this photo below proves: This is a dance afternoon in a second hand shop! This was the most remembering dance event I had in Las Palmas.

Small but lively: An Aspiring Scene

The pre-intermediate level dancers of Las Palmas are very inviting and friendly. Mojo Swing, the local swing dance association, has a spanish only website, but uses the Facebook page for news.

There you will find the latest dance events being posted. If you visit the island, it is best to participate in one of the upcoming social dances. Usually Monday, Wednesday (sometimes Balboa evenings) and some scattered irregular parties occur. Keep an eye on the facebook page, if you use it.

Important insider info: The community talks and organizes everything through WhatsApp. To get the insider tips you will need to be invited and approved to the group. Through this you will find much more information and events, sharing of photos and information.

–> Social Dances:

Usually on Monday, location changes. 


–> Locations:

They change! One them being  La Guarida del Blues and one of them being the downstairs of a mall at Cinema Monopol in the old town of Las Palmas. 

“La Guarida del Blues” is a bar with lots of life music, jazz evenings and jam sessions. It´s a good address to remember even if you are not planning to dance. Sh… You will most likely end up dancing in there anyway. The location is excellent, next to Las Canteras Beach.

The community dances Lindy Hop and some rare scattered Balboa or Shag dancers occur but it is usually not likely to find although they had a free crash course in Shag and Balboa.

When I visited it, there was somebody building up a regular Balboa social dance every 2nd Wednesday.  Find more information about he Balboa dance evenings here.

Friendly Dancers!

The community received me with open arms and I have met a few extremely friendly dancer friends. Unfortunately though, I have not met many of the teachers during this month but it is said that they have weekly classes (3 levels) in a public park in Las Palmas. 

The teachers do not turn up often at the social dances but might be inviting you for a lesson which you will be charged for 10 EUR per time (Locals pay 30 EUR a month for classes).

Challenges for dancing there:

-Floors are rarely wood and professional dancing floors. Make sure you use some older dance shoes or street shoes unless you know you will be dancing in a dance school for a party.

-Language barrier: not everybody speaks english but you will usually find somebody who can translate to make yourself be heard.

What about the other Canarian Islands?

Sometimes dancers from Tenerife visit Las Palmas due to the proximity of the airport and easy air travel for locals. It is alleged that Tenerife has an older and larger Swing Scene….

The Tenerife scene is siad to be much bigger and advanced. Time to find out? That is a good excuse to visit, don´t you think???