Get ready for a few surprises!

If you ever consider to make Swing Holidays then let it be Mallorca. My experiences from 2 weeks of dancing in Mallorca were just outstanding. This is a special place: it offers so much dancing and surprises I would never have imagined. Plus the beauty of the island, the weather and lifestyle. Mallorca is an absolute treat for every Lindyhopper.

People in Mallorca were extremely friendly and very open to meet new people. They dance Lindy, Solo, Balboa and some rare and scattered Shag Dancers might be present.

Palma, the main city of Mallorca, offers various regular dance evenings per week and as much as 3 swing dance schools! Not only that, there are also smaller Swing Schools in the other larger places around the island. You will find dance opportunities throughout the island, mostly in Palma and scattered throughout the suburbs. But places like Inca have starting dance groups too. Furthermore, Mallorca has a few Jazz bands (one of them called «Monkey Doo») who play live regularly in and outdoors.

For an island of this size the offer is simply amazing.

I would never have expected that many dance evenings and schools around the island. And random live concerts, most of the events and dancing was for free. (it was in summer, mostly outdoors in public places)

A little overview of the presence of Swing in Mallorca

Where to find information

This community operates mainly through Facebook:

→ Mallorcaswing announcing the various events around the islands and usually publishes the below example of weekly events. You might want to learn Mallorquin very fast:

Get more information and follow the pics on IG:

Wait, there is more:


Swing Mallorca Lindy Festival (see Swingplanit)

Jazz Club Galactic in Palma holds space for many a hot swingnight:

Want more Jazz?

Hotel Saratoga – not far from the Galactic – offers regular Jazz Jam sessions too! Find the schedule in the hotels elevator.