The Swiss Lindy Hop Dance Scene is already very established. According to the information found on portal the first Lindy Workshops in Switzerland took place in the 1980ies. There are countless social dance opportunities in the different larger cities for you. Moreover, several live events happen per week.

Switzerland is not very big and you can easily catch the train from one city to the other just for a dance event. Especially weekday and Sunday afternoon dances are recommendable for train commuters.

Find information about where to go dancing: contains major dance events in german speaking Switzerland. Live bands in yellow. A quick glance will show you: dancing is possible every night, there are several possibilities

Popular events in Switzerland

Sunday afternoon tea parties with cake and vintage teapots/ cups are sought after! Started with Zurichs «Tea Time» Swing and now rolled accros the country to Bern and St. Gallen. Luzern has a sunday evening dance once a month, so you can even dance in 2 places in one day if you wish.

Zurich: All that your heart wants

Largest Swing City of the country. Dancing is possible almost every evening. Usually there is more than one to chose from. Weekend parties FR/SAT and sunday afternoon dance events. Weekday events Mo/Tu/Wed/Th. Live Tue/Wed at the HelsinkiClub.

→ There are specific thematic dance evenings/afternoons for Bal and Shag, Boogie and Blues!

Several Dance Schools in Zurich:


Only 20 mins away from Zurich is another growing Swing community. Winterthur now offers parties every once in a while. It dances Lindy and new also Balboa.


Basel dances Lindy, Solo, Blues, Shag and Balboa. All your soul requires. Dive in!

The differnt schools: (their friday parties are popular!)

Bern and Biel:

Dances all styles! Lindy, Solo, Blues, Boogie Woogie, Balboa and some some Shagsters to be seen… still ab it scattered but they exist. Monhtly Balboa Parties and a very lively community.

Local and one of the oldest swiss dance club:


As rumor has it, a scene is bound to emerge.

St. Gallen

Regular sunday events and sometimes weekends. (Lindy and Boogie in various locations) (different dances in and around St. Gallen)


Is Switzerland´thanks to school. They offer Lindy, Solo, Balboa and Blues. Classes:

Weekly dance evenings organised by the school triplestep.


Switzerlands Silocone Valley holds small Lindy and Boogie classes done by

Western Switzerland

Our information to this point is incomplete. Please send us more information if you have it. This shows that there is a language gap between west and east and not that much visible interaction.


A small community offering Lindy and Blues. Dance evenings occur once a month or less:


It is allegedly mostly Lindy but some scattered Shag and Bal dancers occur.


Supposedly the largest dance scene in french speaking part. Lindy, Solo, Blues and Balboa.

Italian speaking Switzerland

Unknown at this point, unfortunately. Please let us know if you have any information.

Popular and already established Festivals: bookable on

Bern: Leapin Lindy, Rocky Balboa

Zurich: Is there hop, Stir It

Luzern: Sideways

Geneva: Shake that Lake

Shoe Sales:

Get your dance shoes from the shop professional, walk in shop but ordering online is best. They offer dance shoes for different kind of dances.

A note about prices:

As this is a rather established scene in Switzerland and there are many life acts, most dance events cost money. The afternoon dances range from 5 CHF up wards and the evening dances from 7- 25CHF per event, depending on the appearance of life bands. Some scattered free events are possible in the smaller communities.

→ Usually the local schools offer their own social dance events which are free if you take classes. Inquire at the different schools.

In general thought, Switzerland is expensive, we can´t deny it. However, there are lots of courses and opportunities!