Month: November

Live Bands: Friday ( Benny´s from Heaven) and Saturday. (Canibal Dandies)

Location: Bern city, Switzerland

Course location: several locations in Bern city

Size: small

Hosting: no

Teachers: International and local

Style: Balboa

Special: Worshop starts with a Friday evening class before the the party. Tea Time Dance Sunday afternoon

Crash Courses: Balboa and Collegiate Shag

Contact:(Nov 2018)   www.balboabern.chFacebook pageYoutube Channel

Teachers Presentation

Festival Review

Overall description:

Usually the small festivals are hidden gems. Just like that one. In this small festival I had a really great time. It was extremely well organized and really, I was able to dance off my feet. During the 4 days I was able to  enjoy myself and dance sufficiently (for a few days he he). Noticeable were also the friendly volunteers and the ease to get in touch with the local people.

Opening Party

The offer that this friendly Bernese Balboa crew provided was tremendous. It started with a warm up dance on Thursday already. Not many people showed up which was very enriching. The advantage of these small parties is that it opens the door to meet the locals and dance with the teachers. That small dance studio is centrally located in the city and easy to reach.

Main Workshop days

What I liked specifically about this festival was that it already started with a workshop block on Friday evening. The class was held in the party location, a modern wooden floor, nice to shuffle, shuffle and warm up.

Holding a class on Friday night already takes the pressure off Saturday and Sunday and makes the program less tight and tiring for the workshop participant. Saturday was therefore less stressful and allowed some time to rest before the party.

The Bern Balboa Society had invited international and local teachers.


The main parties were held in a beautiful location in the city centre with lots of space to sit and talk too. There was even a small bar and nibbles for the ones lacking salt. The dancefloor got full but not crowded. The music level was great, just right. Notice the easy access to the band: communication to the live band was easy when dancing. Since the dance floor was not crowded, dancing was possible at all times, there were few people standing next to the dance floor and not joining.

The main party nights were Friday and Saturday which both had a live band.

2018 Party Location - we are waiting for you!


Sunday was the relaxing day of the festival. It consisted of an optional breakfast and afternoon tea dance. There were no workshop classes anymore. This left space to get to know more people while sitting (for a change) and taking it easy.

The party evenings and Sunday tea time dances could be purchased separately which helped to fill the dance floors and attract more local people from other cities visiting Bern.

Follow us dancing around the world

Bild Montse and Alejandro the happy Balboa ambassadors from Barcelona, ready for the Friday party.