Month: October

Location: Munich

Workshop location: Vintage Club plus 2 external dance studios around the corner

Party location: Vintage Club, Munich city centre

Live Band: @doc_scanlon Doc Scanlon’s International All Stars

Size: Small – Medium

Hosting: no

Teachers: local and international

Style (2018):  Balboa and Collegiate Shag

Tasters (2018): St Louis Shag

Workshop Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Blocktype allocation: you can buy items separately (classes, tasters, parties, competitions, sunday brunch) 

Competitions: Balboa (J&J and Couples), Shag (J&J and Couples)

Specials: Change to daylight savings time helps to catch up some sleep on sunday.

Contact pages: Vintage Club Website, Vintage Club Youtube channel,  Festival Link

Overall description:

All-time beloved Munich´s Vintage Club receives international guests once again. This event, organised by the friendly makers of Rock that Swing Festival, attracted very good dancers and teachers from all over the world. Despite the rather smaller size it is certainly a high recommendation for Shag and Balboa styles and those who want to improve with all these great teachers and exceptional dancers. 

The workshop lasted 3 days, friday-sunday. The classes were taught by high profile local and international teachers from the USA, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden. The levels taught were beginner to advanced, so if you are considering to start Balboa or Shag, that is certainly a good opportunity. 

The festival also offered a Sunday breakfast dance with life music before the classes continued. The schedule is generally tight and the festival full of activities, tasters, competitions, … therefore accommodation nearby is highly recommended. 

Main Workshop days

The festival started on friday afternoon with the first 3-hour classes block. This was followed by St. Louis Shag taster and the starter party on friday evening with a DJ. 

Saturday was the big day with 2 blocks of classes ( you could take a max of 6 ) followed by the evening party with live bands. 

Sunday classes started at 12.00, that is merciful and only consisted of another 3 hour block of classes for some, however the total number of 6 classes could be taken here as well.  

The program is generally tight there so if you sign up for the maximum amount of classes, you will not find much time to rest before the parties. 


Friday night started with the St Louis Shag Taster. The party afterwards consisted of a DJ and included the first competitions in Shag. 

Saturday party: Awesome Doc Scanlon’s International All Stars, Instagram who know what people want. Their fast rhythms playing on Saturday Night and even Sunday morning were very liked. 

On both nights, Friday and Saturday competitions were held. Due to the Saturday night party having life music, it more crowded and lasted a bit longer than the Friday party. 

On Sunday morning the Awesome Doc Scanlon’s International All Stars came back to play again for us during the Sunday Breakfast party.


– Competitions in Shag and Balboa, J&J / Couples

– Buy in blocks: What we already know and love from Rock That Swing: every item can be purchased separately. You can purchase only the parties or only a taster or only daytime classes (in 3-hour class blocks). This allows to create your own “light” version of festival if you only wanted 3 classes instead of 6 per day. 

– Beginner Classes available in both Collegiate Shag and Balboa

– This festival explicitly prohibits taking pictures which is why I cannot provide any other than the snapshot of the band here but some recording by the festival organisers has been done.